House Speaker Michael Madigan Creates Jobs Task Force, Appoints Lou Lang Chair

House Speaker Michael Madigan

(Chicago, IL) – Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan last week created a new, bi-partisan jobs task force to tackle Illinois bulging, 10.9% unemployment rate.

Madigan empanelled the Bipartisan Jobs Creation Task Force and appointed Deputy House Majority Leader Lou Lang (D-Skokie) as chair.

Lang said the task force will focus on targeted legislative job creation initiatives that can be approved by the Illinois General Assembly during its spring 2010 term.

“This task force will act swiftly to identify legislative fixes that will help and encourage Illinois employers to hire new Illinois employees,” said Lang. “There will be no time wasted on unread reports or undoable grand schemes.”

For example, Lang cited state permit regulations that can delay new building and factory openings by several months as a potential target for reform.

“Without compromising employee safety, the task force will aim at obstacles that shackle an employer’s ability to get new employees working quickly,” said Lang.

Since the memo was issued, 30 lawmakers have signed up for the panel.

According to Madigan’s memo issued to lawmakers, “Task Force members will travel to key labor markets in various parts of the State to hold several hearings on potential legislative job initiatives.”

The task force will begin its work early January 2010.

“We have no time to waste,” said Lang.

Listen here to an interview with Lang at WJBC Radio …


One Response

  1. I’m extremely concerned that like national efforts, this still 1) uses top-down macroeconomic tactics; and 2) does not yet commit to a non-anonymous census of all unemployed/underemployed Illinois residents, with new hiring earmarked explicitly for us. This is the only way to get at long-term unemployment. It’s feasible to do the right thing State-wide as well as nationally. But we will not believe any of it until we are asked to step forward with our names and work potentials and get on a list to be hired before anyone who isn’t unemployed as of the date this Task Force was formed. Considering our financial destitution, we should be marching in the streets.

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