Lou Lang Opposes Failed Bill to Elect University of Illinois Trustees

(Springfield, IL) — March 17, 2010. The Illinois House today defeated, 44-69, legislation that would have reinstated the direct election of the Board of Trustees for the University of Illinois.

The measure, House Bill 4608, sponsored by State Rep. David Reis (R-Ste. Marie), would have enabled voters to chose seven trustees starting in 2012. A total of six additional trustees would have been appointed by the Alumni Association. Additionally, one faculty member and one student would have been appointed from each of the three main campuses.

House Deputy Majority Lou Lang (D-Skokie) voted against the legislation claiming the bill was a political stunt.

“It’s designed to make a political statement about a university,” Lang said. “It’s not designed to deal with the philosophy of how these trustees become in place.”

Governor Pat Quinn replaced seven of nine trustees several months ago and appointed Christopher Kennedy as the Board Chairman.