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    • House approves bill to decriminalize marijuana in Illinois - Reboot Illinois April 24, 2015
      Reboot IllinoisHouse approves bill to decriminalize marijuana in IllinoisReboot IllinoisLou Lang, D-Skokie, who pushed the state's medical marijuana pilot program through the Legislature, said the changes in the bill were “good for the public health, good for the court system, good for society and good for young offenders who make a small ...and more » […]
    • Bill to Extend Medical Cannabis Pilot Program - CBS Local April 24, 2015
      CBS LocalBill to Extend Medical Cannabis Pilot ProgramCBS LocalThe argument is it's not only fair to the patients and dealers, it's fair to the state agencies evaluating the program. “Because there will be only two years left,” said the sponsor, State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), “they won't have all the necessary ...
    • Illinois lawmakers consider bills to fight drug abuse - Chicago Tribune April 23, 2015
      Chicago TribuneIllinois lawmakers consider bills to fight drug abuseChicago TribuneLou Lang argued that ignoring the state's heroin "epidemic" would cost Illinois more than it would save. "We'll have to find the money someplace," said Lang, a veteran lawmaker from Skokie. "I'm prepared to go to the mat for whatever the […]
    • This Week's Medical Marijuana Update - Live Trading News April 25, 2015
      Live Trading NewsThis Week's Medical Marijuana UpdateLive Trading NewsOn Sunday, Obama suggested support for the Senate medical marijuana bill. In an interview aired Sunday night on CNN's Weed 3 special with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Gupta asked the president if he would get behind the CARERS Act, which would reschedule ...and more »
    • Illinois House Approves Bill to Extend Medical Marijuana Pilot Program - The Daily Chronic April 23, 2015
      The Daily ChronicIllinois House Approves Bill to Extend Medical Marijuana Pilot ProgramThe Daily ChronicAs passed in 2013, the original bill, House Bill 1, contained a sunset clause ending the program at the end of 2017. Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie), the author of House Bill 1, is the primary sponsor of the current bill to extend the program. The bill also ...Il […]
    • Local agency leaders embark on Springfield Mission - Jewish United Fund April 23, 2015
      Jewish United FundLocal agency leaders embark on Springfield MissionJewish United FundMembers of the Jewish caucus, State Senators Daniel Biss, Julie Morrison and Ira Silverstein and State Representatives Kelly Cassidy, Scott Drury, Sara Feigenholtz, Laura Fine, Jack Franks, Robyn Gabel, Will Guzzardi, Lou Lang and Elaine Nekritz were ...
    • Marijuana shop looks likely for Mokena - Chicago Tribune April 21, 2015
      Marijuana shop looks likely for MokenaChicago TribuneLou Lang. He sponsored the original legislation establishing the pilot program, which is scheduled for automatic repeal on Jan. 1, 2018. Lang's bill would extend the program four years from when the first dispensary begins officially operating ...and more »
    • Heroin forum focuses on next steps in fight against drug's use - Chicago Tribune April 11, 2015
      Chicago TribuneHeroin forum focuses on next steps in fight against drug's useChicago TribuneLou Lang, D-Skokie, was on hand Friday to offer what's next in the fight against heroin. Lang is sponsoring the state's Heroin Crisis Act, which would expand drug court programs, create the nation's first drug take-back program for pharmacies, requ […]
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    • Using American Tax Dollars to Undermine Civil Rights - The Arab Daily News April 23, 2015
      The Arab Daily NewsUsing American Tax Dollars to Undermine Civil RightsThe Arab Daily NewsSilverstein's bill, HB 4011, has the backing of statehouse members Lou Lang, Daniel Burke and Scott Drury. Feigenholtz's bill, SB 1761, has the backing of Illinois Senators Michael Connelly, Darin M. LaHood, Pamela Althoff, Julie Morrison, Chris Nybo ...
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Haine, Lang Announce Illinois State Police Reverse Opposition to Illinois Medical Marijuana Legislation

State Senator William Haine

(Springfield, IL) – May 5, 2010.  State Senator William Haine (D-Alton) and House Deputy Majority Leader Lou Lang (D-Skokie) yesterday announced the Illinois State Police are no longer opposed to medical marijuana use in Illinois.

Lang and Haine met with Captain Timothy Becker of the Illinois State Police earlier and Becker informed the lawmakers that the Illinois Department of State Police had changed its position on Senate Bill 1381, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, from opposition to neutrality.

“I am extremely pleased by Illinois State Police’s decision, because it improves the probability of the bill’s approval,” said Lang.

“This legislation is intended to alleviate pain in people suffering debilitating medical conditions and the Illinois State Police recognize that,” he said.

Haine said he believed the Department changed its position after carefully reviewing the legislation and recognizing the safeguards will protect patients, caregivers and the public.

Haine also noted that in a number of states, police organizations have removed their objections after a period of observing their laws in operation.

“As a former State’s Attorney, I have the greatest respect for the police organizations of our State and local governments.  This change of position demonstrates what we have known all along, and that is that our State police organization is focused first and foremost on criminal activities as it relates to illegal substances,” Haine said.

“The State Police’s compassion for the seriously ill matches our own,” Lang said. “No one should be denied medicine that might improve their life’s quality.”

In addition to Haine, Senate sponsors include: Iris Martinez (D), Jeff Schoenberg (D), Donne Trotter (D), Kwame Raoul (D), Linda Holmes (D), and Ira Silverstein (D).

Other House sponsors include: Angelo  “Skip” Saviano (R), John Fritchey (D), Karen Yarbrough (D), Ken Dunkin (D), Greg Harris (D), Cynthia Soto (D), Robyn Gabel (D), and Camille Lilly (D).


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