Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Rep. Lou Lang’s Illinois Gaming Bill; Urges Gov. Pat Quinn to Sign

(Chicago, IL) — June 2, 2011. The Chicago Sun-Times today endorsed Illinois House Deputy Majority Leader Lou Lang‘s Illinois gaming expansion legislation, backed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and urged Governor Pat Quinn to sign the bill.

Here’s the editorial:

Gov. Pat Quinn said Wednesday that he will give a bill authorizing a Chicago casino “a microscopic review.”

By all means. The bill dramatically expands gambling in Illinois, more than tripling the current number of gambling positions in the state.

The governor, like us, is unhappy about lumping in so many other gambling sites with Chicago’s, calling the bill “excessive” and “top-heavy.”

He’s absolutely right about that.

But here’s what Quinn will see when he finally gets his microscope in focus: A bill that will draw in much-needed revenue for Chicago and the state. The state is already slashing social services, education funding and threatening deep cuts to state employee pensions. Adding new revenue is one of the only ways available to soften that blow slightly, to ward off even more draconian cuts in years to come.

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