About State Rep. Lou Lang

Since he was first elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 1987, Lou Lang has established himself as one of the Legislature’s most outspoken and prolific members, and a leader on issues critical to the people of Illinois.

Serving the 16th House District of Illinois (including Skokie, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, a part of the 49th

State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie)

State Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie)

and most of the 50th Wards in the City of Chicago), Lang has made his mark fighting for seniors, women, working families and the educational priorities of our state. 

He led the effort to end senior abuse in nursing homes, increase funding for the state’s “Meals-on-Wheels” program and make relief from the high cost of prescription drugs a reality for seniors.  Lou is the acknowledged leader in Illinois for mental health reform.  He has been a staunch defender of a woman’s right to make reproductive choices and is currently the lead sponsor in the House to officially ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois. 

He is also has a very strong record on economic development issues, chairing the Illinois House Gaming Committee and being a lead sponsor on bills designed to create tax credits for film productions in Illinois.

His record in Springfield has made him a rising star within the Democratic Party and helped propel him to House Democratic Floor Leader in 1993 and Assistant Majority Leader in 1997, positions he continues to hold to this date.

In March, 2006, Lou was elected Democratic Committeeman of Niles Township, a post which has worked to make him a strong leader on political, as well as public policy issues.

For more information, contact Lou at (847) 673-7779 or at reploulang@aol.com.



6 Responses

  1. Hello Rep. Lang,

    I was curious about a bill you sponsored. Will SB 744 allow for a land-based casino in Rockford, IL? Also, what is the status of this bill?

    Best Regards,

    Wade Johnston

  2. Springfield is celebrating the new 99% interest rate cap on installment loans, but are you aware that companieis offering PLRA loans can make them 6 month products with an effective interest rate of 406.%. Basically very little was accomplished.

  3. The Tribune’s article today about a pending law change to the Illinois foreclosure law was very unclear. The Bill number was not included, and the summary of the exisiing law and the proposed changes made no sense. Can you help here?


    Tom Jacobs

  4. Good for you in writing a “Letter To The Editor.”
    Don’t people realize that everything regarding
    Video gaming is computerized? Haven’t we had enough of the holier than thou thinking?

  5. Rep Lang, one of the major problems facing the state are the current pension obligations. I am aware the there is an ammendment to the state constitution which prohibits any changes. In retrospect, that ammendment was clearly self serving to the politicians and the state employees and should be repealed. I would like to know if you are willing to sponsor a repeal of that ammendment?
    If Quinn is sincere about making any effort to reduce the outrageous deficit, this would be a important step. For the state to borrow 15B is an abuse of power and irresponsible.

  6. raise the debt ceiling. please keep social security, medicare and medicaid. no more funding cuts. thank you.

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